Introdcuction: ANCIENT FUTURES

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An evolutionary journey, a revolutionary leap.

‘There is something evergreen and vital in the human heart and soul that leaps and bounds joyful and free, a radiant spark forever kindling’.




Welcome to Volume 2 of  GoldenMonkee 2016!

Firstly, inspiration and due thanks to the following friends and contributors, who continue to flourish and grow across the spectrum. In no particular order then, John Crow & Katy Kaos, Martin (Scuba) Wood, Mark & Amy Ellis, Gary Lachman, Christine Scott & her Glasgow posse, Dom at Inspiral, the amazing Zak Amin, Brian Monaghue, Greg Samms, Martyn D Healer, Richard Capon loveland, Green Angels, Maria Simon, Kate Magic, Marco Arnaldo from Megatripolis, Matt the Cat, the wonderful Lizzie Rainbow, Paul Roggendorf, Phoenix rising , Kaz, Sugerlump, Darius Akashik, Andy Lok, Mark Heley, Matt Moose, Reclaim Love, Fionna Cartlidge of Sign of the times , Melissa Klatsia, Caras E Esta, Daveed Cussack, Cathy Turkingham, Craig Barritt, Helen Sweeney, Merv de Peyer, Jon Evans, Chrstina Jansen, George Douvris, Phill Bailey – indeed, and many others who plough deep furrows into the future, making a difference, doing it for others, for the planet – trailblazers all. And while we’re at it, here’s to to all underground veterans – past, present and future! 

Wow, what an amazing ride it’s been! Since we launched GoldenMonkee it is now being read, talked about and shared in over 93 countries around the Globe! We are overjoyed to offer our platform to our friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. And we are now delighted to introduce Volume 2:  Consciousness.

The making of Volume 2 came directly from the response of Volume 1, encouraged by the conversations we had started and the debates that followed. We put it out there and the common theme of contributions that came back for Volume 2 centred on consciousness, that, and the continuing emergence of women’s voice’s today.

The growing awareness of others around the planet says something about consciousness and inner and outer developments expanding in apocalyptic times, which these are. And through which pockets of humanity and culture continue to sprout.

Perhaps in such conditions as these, that is all we can ever hope for, the best it will ever be in such conflicted times, and perhaps all it ever was in the past:  small pockets of consciousness, here and there, existing amidst so much carnage and destruction, transformation and change. And yet that is still a case for optimism and hope. And hope implies the future.

Rooted in the deep pockets of humanities past – in the words and deeds of the wise, in the profound sayings of antiquity, in the heroic endeavours of our ancestors. Big pockets, little pockets sprinkled here and there. Pockets of wisdom, consciousness and love.

For it is consciousness alone, that  can change things for the better, can evolve us – and nothing else. I repeat, nothing else.

And yet that consciousness does not belong to us alone. It was paid for and bought by many others over millenia, and was bequeathed by them to all of us. That is the debt we owe to the past, to those who came before and made it possible, and thus, who have a claim on us in the present.

We end this introduction with a relevant quote from the I-Ching – the great and unparalleled Book of Changes.yin-yang

  Hexagram 7. The Army.

 ‘In the words and deeds of the past there lies hidden a treasure that men may use to strengthen and elevate their own characters. The way to study the past is not to confine to mere knowledge of history but, through application of this knowledge, to give actuality to the past’

The pocket becomes a pouch, a handbag of ideas and possibilities we carry on our shoulders and distributed by word and deed into action. Little by little the pocket is full and the contents spill over – brimming with ancient futures, a pocket full of rainbows indeed! Go, multiply ’em!