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RAVALUTION!  welcome to the turntables of revolution number three. Foreword: In praise of  youth.  1. DISINFECT, DECONTAMINATE YOURSELVES, INSIDE AND OUT – Before you approach this!  2.THE DIVESTMENT’S AND DISSEMINATION OF YOUTH CULTURE AND THE GLOBAL REVOLUTION FOR EVOLUTION! The emergence of youth ‘culture’ in the last sixty or so years has been variously described as cybernetic […]


The Twist in the Spiral: three modern cultural revolutions. one The Mysterious Power of Love. ROOTS OF THE PAST. Prologue. There is a old Welsh proverb that states: ‘The Roots of the Past are the branches of the future’. Implying that what came  before is bound and connected to what comes after. Just as we have […]

goldenmonkee art gallery

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THE ART OF THOMAS McKEITH. ‘My latest series of work is totally digital, created in Adobe Photoshop. I’m interested in the masks which we humans adopt and wear. Some are donned in a conscious manner, some subconsciously. They all, however, are put in place for the sole purpose of shielding us from the bright glare […]